E.GO Tenrec

E.GO Control Tenrec is now shipping !

EGO-TENREC has all the features expected of a modern lighting board – separate intensity and rate wheels, four vertical encoder wheels to  control the attributes of intelligent lighting fixtures, as well as a  trackball for pan & tilt, a 100mm crossfader pair and 48 submasters. The button layout is flexible and can be configured according to the user’s needs.

DMX output is available either, through the built-in DMX ports or via Ethernet where all the usual lighting industry protocols are supported. The actual number of DMX universes available is determined by the PREGO  license bought with the console, this ranges from 3 to 128 universes and up to 65535 control channels.

Console Specification

EGO-TENREC is a robustly made lighting board using quality components  and manufactured in Europe. It is based on a 4th generation Intel i5  processor running Windows 8.1/10 with a SSD hard disc and 4GB RAM. Its  main features are:

  • 48 Submasters with flash/assign and go keys
  • RGBW LED Illuminated Intensity wheel
  • RGBW LED Illuminated Rate wheel
  • RGBW LED Illuminated Vertical Encoder wheels for moving light control
  • 100mm A/B Crossfader Pair
  • 3 Separate Submasters to control 3 fixed Fields
  • Grandmaster
  • Playback master
  • Illuminated Track-ball for pan-tilt
  • 6 XLR DMX 5pin output ports
  • 2 XLR DMX 5pin input
  • Fully user configurable key layout
  • 2 Ethernet ports
  • 2 USB2 ports (1 on top of the Console)
  • 2 USB3 Ports
  • VGA and 2 DVI outputs

TENREC 24, 6 physical universes
TENREC 48, 6 physical universes
TENREC 24 USB, for use with an external PC and your choice of software version
TENREC 48 USB, for use with an external PC and your choice of software version

TENREC USB Wing, 24 submasters with flash/assign and go keys

The EGO-TENREC has been designed for the contemporary lighting  professional who needs flexibility in operation running shows either as a fully timed sequence or from submasters. The ease of editing makes it a viable option for board operators working under the pressure of today’s designers, who want to see the results of their creativity as soon as  possible.