The VLC software with Lynx console

Prego history

Prego software was first created in 2004 as a successor of the 2 products Safari VLC lighting control by AVAB, and SandNet networking for lighting.
Safari VLC first saw light in 1991 as a product developed for the Swedish and multinational company AVAB. SandNet surfaced from 2000 as a continuation of networking knowledge developed for VLC, experimenting with networking for entertainment lighting.

All of this software development has been issued by the Norwegian company Yngve Sandboe AS. Prego has been developed by keeping the AVAB VLC way of thinking. A rich, easy, and creative way of programming, as an extension to the lighting designers mind. Prego itself is only software, but still optimized for various 3rd party control surfaces, and even for embedding inside fully featured small and large lighting desks.

There are first of all 3 series of consoles pretty much optimized for Prego :

  • AVAB: All old VLC Safari consoles + Presto and Pronto. Built from 1991-2004.
  • E.GO: All consoles are built for Prego. From 2008 and still making new.
  • ADB: All Hathor consoles are built for Prego. From 2010 to 2019.

Prego has been distributed in various ways all over the world. Sometimes as software only, but mostly hidden and embedded into consoles from E.GO or ADB.

Now, the story continues through its own brand and marketing channel: Prego Lighting.

New customers, as well as old AVAB or ADB customers, will find the latest info, releases, tips and tricks here!